mazdarotary.net originally started as a small page using the Geocities free website hosting service.

However soon after attending the 2001 Four, Six and Rotary event at Heathcote Park, the website attracted way too many hits for the Geocities site and resulted in the need to move onto something more accommodating, in terms of space and bandwidth.

The site was moved to the mazdarotary.alphalink.com.au address, as that was the ISP being used by myself at the time. From there the website began to develop, covering several more events and featuring a number of cars.

Once again, the popularity of the website rose resulting in the need to move once again, this time using a dedicated webhosting provider and establishing a more usable name, hence www.mazdarotary.net.

DNT Internet have hosted the website for more than two years and have provided an excellent service, I recommend them for your hosting needs.

In the last 18 months or so, the website has continued to cover Australia's major Four, Six and Rotary Drag Racing events along with the odd car show. The awareness of the website within the scene has grown and it is now within the top three websites covering this scene within Australia.

The website is run on an extremely part time basis, with work and other commitments meaning not as much time is spent on it as I would like, however I am hoping in the future this will change.

I'd like to thank all the readers for their continued support over the last few years and for helping to make the website attract a significant number of hits per week (at last count at least 4300 per week).

So take the time to look around the website and feel free to make contact if there is something you think should be corrected/added or altered.


Ben Winstone

Editor, www.mazdarotary.net - Four, Six and Rotary Website

31st August 2004