2005 Compak Attak - West Sydney International Dragway 09/04/05

Event Report and Pictures: Ben Winstone


The 2005 Sydney Jamboree event was renamed to the Compak Attak this year, and after being delayed by three weeks from it original date due to bad weather, the four, six and rotary crowd were eagerly anticipating this event.



Pro RWD had George Rehayem in the Pac MX-6 top qualifying for the class with a 7.186 at 192.93mph pass, not far behind was Joe Signorelli in the Rotormaster Series 6 RX-7 with a 7.544 at 181.79mph pass. Archie Kajewski in the Mazfix Beretta had a few troubles and ran a 7.921 at 166.29, while Vince Rigoli in the V & E Rigoli Datsun 1200 ute ran a 8.421 at 160.29.

Garth Bell also had his supercharged 20B FJ Holden ute out and ran a 10.435 at 127.65mph, the ute sounding very unique and will be one to watch once it is sorted. Rounding off the class was Malcolm Glassett in the M & M Racing R100 with a 11.430 at 77.04mph. George ended up winning the class with a 7.2-second pass.



Sport Mod was another hotly contested class with the main highlight being George Marcevski in the Pac RX-3 Coupe running a 7.778 at 166.54mph pass to become the fastest 13B powered vehicle in Australia during eliminations. Dean Crook in the 'ROMPER' RX-3 sedan top qualified in the the class with a 8.902 at 151.09mph. Emmanuel Mann in the 'GADGET' RX-3 was not far behind with 8.997 at 151.99mph and Elia Hajjar in the 'HECTYK' RX-3 coupe was in third with a 9.305 at 143.69mph pass. Other notable entrants included Carl Bugeja in the silver Datsun 1200 ute who ran a 10.878 at 128.11mph, Nick Zervos in the black APC Lancer which had massive amounts of power frying the rear tyres with each gear change and Scott Whieldon in the blue Dyson Rotary RX-3 coupe, Scott ran a 9.895 at 107.31 during eliminations. The yellow M & M Racing 20BT RX-7 ran a 8.765 at 153.70mph, with some big launches.



The Oz Mod was down on numbers from last years QLD Jamboree event but still provided some great racing. Phil Karpathios in the FJ20 powered KE20 Corolla top qualified with a 8.839 at 151.99mph, closely followed by Kevin Awad in the 20B powered RX-4 sedan from Pac Performance with a 9.037 at 153.75mph. During eliminations Craig Melbourne in the 20B powered RX-3 Coupe from Mazfix ran 9.605 at 139.66mph before performing a massive burnout and being disqualified for crossing the centre line, much to the crowds disapproval. Another Queensland, Tim Kreis in the 'BUSHPIG' Cortina ran 9.050 at 152.19mph, backing it up with a 9.06 pass later on in eliminations. Frank Cannistra had the 'MRHELI' 13BT Datsun 1200 ute out and did the usual crowd pleasing burnouts before running a 10.016 at 137.50mph while another ute, Antonio De Oliviera's orange 13BT Mazda 1000 ute went 10.758 at 124.11mph. Damien McKern's 'GRUMP2' RX-2 sedan sounded tough and ran a PB of 9.210 at 152.00mph, while Pat Long in the 'CRITTA' RX-3 sedan ran  9.407 at 147.84mph, just off his best. Another tough RX-3 was Mark Borg's 20BT Coupe, prepared by Mr Enforcer engineering, the car ran a 9.625 at 140.62mph and Corrie Hawkes in the 'ITLFLY' RX-2 sedan also ran a  9.491 at 140.42mph pass. Rodney Spannenberg in the '7SINS' first gen RX-7 ran an impressive 9.870 at 145.17mph. There were a couple of tough four cylinder cars competing in the class too with Alex Michalsky in the Pulse Turbocharging FJ20 powered 808 sedan running 9.541 at 145.38mph, while Michael Sherringham in the 'CRZYFJ' Gemini ran 10.583 at 126.00mph. Kevin Awad went on to the win the class against Alex Michalsky.



There were a wide variety of cars racing in the numerous other classes, some of the highlights (cars photographed in this report) included Byron Balzer in the ex Rotormaster tubbed R100 running a 10.528 at 130.45mph who went on to win the ET1 class, Robert Rigoli in the yellow S15 200SX running a 11.383 at 124.82mph, with the car skating down the track. Trent Guimelli in the 'UNSAID' first-gen RX-7 ran 12.489 at 119.63mph on street tyres, the 'NOSPIG' R100 went into the low 11-second bracket. The Queen St Racing BARB 4-Rotor BMW ran a 8.21-second pass, with the new Thumper turbo installed. There were a couple of accidents later on in the day with the '7SINS' RX-7 hitting the wall a couple of times at the end of the track and the Online Performance PRO FWD CRX also hit the wall in the deep end after apparently running over oil that was on the track.


The show and shine section also featured a heap of tough fours, sixes and rotaries with plenty of variety to suit everyone. The next Sport Compact event is the Queensland Jamboree, held at Willowbank Raceway in September. For more info check out www.sportcompactgroup.com


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