Ibrahim Brothers (Queen St. Smash Repairs) - BMW 4-Rotor Drag Car


Story: Ash McPhee (Information sourced from Mohammed Ibrahim and Auto Salon magazine)

Pictures: Ben Winstone


Mohammed and Baker Ibrahim's BMW coupe drag car is aimed at not only becoming amongst the elite in the Australian compact drag racing scene, but also being prepared for a tilt at taking on the best in the show scene at the Auto Salon events around Australasia.

The brothers' Queen Street Smash Repairs business is synonymous with striking paint schemes, the most well known being Mohammed's own 'BARB6' WRX and Ali Houblos' Fast Fours Modified car of the year, Series 6 RX-7, both of which sport head turning pink paint. Baker is more of a drag racer, well known for his wheel-standing 'BARB9Z' 9-second 13B Turbo rotary powered Gemini. Combined, the brothers were able to piece together a love of drag racing with a passion for using their ability to create masterpieces from factory steel. With over two years of patient creativity and well over $200000 tied up in the car, the finished product is a definitive testament to Mohammed and Bakerís time-honoured effort in achieving something startlingly unique on both the Australian drag and show car scenes.

Being smash repair specialists themselves, it is no surprise that Mohammed performed the majority of the bodywork himself while Baker applied the mirror finish paint, although the brothers do acknowledge the efforts of the many friends and supporters, without who there would be no car.

Mohammed has lost count of the number of hours put into preparation of the body for itís final coat of paint. Utilising some artistic creativity, a factory M3 bodykit has been fitted, with the front and rear bars and side skirts receiving sneaky mods here and there to achieve the desired result. Baker applied the amazing House Of Kolor custom pink paint, prior to Dwayne ďBig DĒ Baugus (famous for his show stopping Camaro a few years back) flying in from the USA to weave his magical airbrushing over the exterior of the car. Looking underneath the BMW it becomes apparent that the excellence does not stop at the easy to see areas, the undercarriage of the car has been painted to match the body and every single nut and bolt has been finished in chrome to match the chrome sump.

So what makes this car such a standout in Australian drag racing circles, after all itís not the first BMW to hit the strip and not the first with a rotary powerplant either, but it will be the first to compete with one of the extremely rare 26b quad rotor engines. Due to the lack of past experience and off the shelf parts available for this engine, the engine bay features a plethora of fabricated parts to ensure reliability and strength, whilst no expense was spared in expectation of the potentially earth shattering performances being anticipated once the complete package is at its peak.

The incredible quad rotor engine (effectively a pair of 13bís in the one) in the BMW is the work of Mazsport guru, Bill Nabhan, who has performed the necessary modifications to ensure low seven second performances. A Microtech ECU has been employed to supply the brains and control ignition whilst fuel is delivered via sixteen enormous 2000cc Bosch injectors, fed by a methanol fuel pump, the reason the injectors are so large is because methanol burns at a much greater rate and volume than regular racing petrol. Oiling is taken care of by a 26B oil pump and a fabricated custom sump. The all-important cooling duties are the responsibility of a fabricated alloy radiator. Another fabricated item is the large exhaust system.

The overall plan is for this car to run well into the low seven second zone on the quarter mile, but firstly much development is to take place before the goal can be achieved and Mohammed believes that a figure of around the 1500 horsepower (1120kw) mark at the tyres is what will be required to make such a positive impact.

Where the big quad rotor gets its obscene power from is a pair of Garrett T77 turbochargerís, each large enough to easily fit your fist inside the front inlet with room to spare. Tial blow off valves are in use to vent the extra compressed air upon closure of the throttle body. A custom intercooler chills that boosted air which is kept at the appropriate levels by a Turbosmart E-Boost boost controller, with 45psi expected to be pumped into the motor once the setup is completely race ready.

Getting all that power to the rear of the car is an air shifted Lenco, a purpose built drag racing gearbox, using a custom clutch. It is imperative that such a transmission is in use to ensure smooth transfer of the power and torque to the custom built nine-inch diff.

Mohammed and Baker took no shortcuts when it came to some of the more important areas on the car such as the brakes and suspension. Using AllSprings springs and shocks up front and Spax springs and shocks on the rear, the cars ride height has been dropped four inches all round to give it a tough as nails stance. Rose jointed bushes have been used and an AP master cylinder assists the ultra-light Wilwood rotors and Wilwood calipers and pads front and back in taking care of braking duties, along with a mandatory parachute. Nothing but the best has been the theme in the build up of this car and what else would it roll on but Weld Alumastars shod with Hoosier front runners and massive Mickey Thompson slicks underneath the huge tubs.

Inside the car there is enough suede to make Elvis proud, including the Velo racing seats which have been retrimmed in pink suede, matching the immaculate exterior. The steering wheel is a quick release unit, common in many racing applications. All of the factory gauges have been removed along with the factory dash, replaced by a Microtech digital dash unit which displays all of the cars vital signs, whilst the airbrushing from the outside has been reproduced inside the cockpit, including the suede dash.

At the time of writing the audio installation had not been completed, but the plans were in motion for fitment of an Alpine CVA1005E head unit, Schneider seven inch TV screen in both doors, Blaupunkt OD 5.25 inch splits up the front, two Schneider Quantum series 800-watt amplifiers, a pair of Blaupunkt Overdrive 12-inch dual voice coil subs in a vented custom, fully-removable enclosure, a six CD stacker, custom door trims to fit the speakers and a custom amplifier rack. Naturally the complete system will be removed for racing events.


As for how the car will go, no doubt it will be a case of wait and see, whilst the brothers and the Mazsport team sort out the setup, however with the amount of serious hardware the car contains you can expect it to be a front runner in the not too distant future...


Queen St. Smash Repairs - 4 Queen Street, Revesby, NSW. www.queenstsmash.com.au


Model: BMW 3-Series Coupe

Engine: 26B Four Rotor Twin Turbocharged

Engine Modifications: Fully prepared 26B four rotor engine (including dowelling and extend porting), custom inlet plenum chamber, twin Garrett T77 turbochargers, custom-made front-mounted intercooler, sixteen 2000cc injectors, Methanol fuel pumps, Microtech engine management system.

Driveline: Lenco air-shifted 5-speed gearbox, custom clutch, 9-Inch differential.

Suspension & Brakes: AllSprings Springs and Shocks (f), Spax Coilovers (r), Wilwood Rotors and Calipers (front and rear), parachute.

Performance: Estimated 1120rwkw (1500rwhp), expecting low seven second 1/4 mile times.

Wheels & Tyres: Weld Alumastars (f & r), Hoosier front runners (f), Mickey Thompson slicks (r).