2005 Revhead Rubberfest - Heathcote Raceway 12/03/05

Event Report and Pictures: Ben Winstone


The annual Revhead Rubberfest event at Heathcote Park was the first major event held there this year. There was a very small number of four, six and rotary competitors attending, but the quality of cars was very high.

Only one rotary was racing, Ang's 'UPONTO' 13BT 1300, the car has been improving over the last couple of months and a new tune by Rotorworx the week before the event paid off with the car running 10.44/131 before a 10.36/131mph pass.

Some of Melbourne's fastest VL's were out in force, with the Bresciani Racing team having three cars out racing. Danny Bresciani's 'PANNIC' VL Commodore went 9.23/135mph, while Terry Sakr's 'VLGMH' Calais went 9.71/142mph lifting the front wheel up on launches. Roger Debono's 'WARNG' Calais was a crowd favorite when he came out and did a half track burnout for his first pass of the day, that's one way to wear in a new set of slicks, Roger went on to run into the 9.5-second zone a couple of times.

P.E.T. Modifications had a couple of cars out with the pink Calais 'PETMOD' running a 10.00/137mph pass, while the supercharged V6 VN Commodore 'CHARG6' ran into the mid/high 11 second zone.

Romeo Capitanio also had his Top Fuel dragster out and ran a 5.70/200mph pass with the car throwing a big fireball up just before the finish line when it dropped some oil, it was on a track for a mid five second pass before the problem.

The event also featured some motorcycle stunt riders and the Donut King jet-powered van which went on to incinerate a couple of cars.

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