2006 Revhead Rubberfest - Heathcote Park Raceway 11/03/06

Event Report and Pictures: Ben Winstone

The annual Revhead Rubberfest event held at Heathcote Park Raceway on March 11 was treated to some late summer weather, with the temperature soaring past 35 degrees. The weather was counter productive for the turbocharged vehicles entered, however some competitors still managed to run some very decent times in the unfavourable conditions.

It wouldn't be a Heathcote event without some of Melbourne's quick VL Turbo's present and Zebi's 'GMHTBO' Calais ran it's first 9-second pass with a 9.96/135mph run. The recent switch to a new T04Z turbo resulted in 390rwkw whilst retaining the standard inlet manifold. Fellow PET Modifications customer Matt ran 10.7 at 124mph in his gold 'VLMEUP' Commodore equipped with a GT35R. PET owner, Dennis, ran an 11.8 at 122mph pass in his R32 GT-R before breaking the input shaft on the gearbox. Rob's Bresciani Racing prepared purple VL Commodore ran a 10.25 at 131mph pass in the midday heat before packing up early due to problems with oil use.

The Rigoli's are big supporters of the Heathcote events and they had the TRP Subaru WRX drag car out, running numerous 8.8-second passes at 154mph. Dominic Rigoli had the coupe launching very hard, using big 28x9-inch slicks on the front with 11.5-inch wide slicks on the mini-tubbed rear end, the car performed some great burnouts heating the rubber up.

The white Protek JZA80 twin turbo Supra sounded great and ran numerous mid 10-second passes at around 130mph.

Paul Pfeiffer had his 13B Turbo RX-7 out and had it sounding strong once it came on boost. The car makes more than 500rwkw on the Dalton Autmotive dyno, however a split housing leaked water into the chamber and put an early end to his weekend. Another rotary powered entrant was the unique Daihatsu truck, making the trip over from Adelaide and running a 13BT combination under the driver's backside. It had problems getting down the track smoothly, but certainly had spectators looking on in disbelief, the tiny front wheels, large front mounted intercooler and big slicks on the back helped make it the events most unusual vehicle.

The racing field was made up largely of V8 powered vehicles, some of the supercharged machines ran into the 8s and lifted the wheels strongly on launch, whilst the Capitanio brothers Top Fuel dragster attracted crowd attention all day and had everybody gathering around when they fired it up in the pits.

The heat prevented a larger contingent of racers, but those that attended certainly made the event a real treat for revheads of all kinds.

Heathcote Park Raceway also has its own website featuring results, pictures and information on upcoming events. You can view it at www.heathcoteraceway.com.au

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