2005 Christmas Challenge - Heathcote Park Raceway 26/12/05

Event Report and Pictures: Ben Winstone


Heathcote Park Raceway's Annual Christmas Challenge event is always popular, however this year four, six and rotary competitors numbers were down, leaving a vast majority of V8-powered vehicles to make up the rest of the large field. The weather was great, with a breeze blowing down the track which helped to take some of the heat away.


The Rigoli's had their WRX out with wheelie bars attached and the car ran a couple of 8.8 second passes at nearly 155mph. The red VL Turbo was out again and this time with a larger turbo ran a 9.6 at 145mph, launching hard off the line. The burgundy VL ran in the high tens at just under 130mph.

Other turbo cars present included the black R33 GTS-T Skyline, which was powered by an RB26 and ran 10.6 at nearly 135mph. The white Supra was still using a twin turbo setup to run a 10.8 at 127mph. The mini tubbed 'SICK16' Datsun 1600 performed a number of good burnouts while the turbo V6 VN Commodore wagon ran low 11s at 120mph.

There were plenty of quick V8s out, with the supercharged 'SPUD' Torana running 8.45 at 168mph, while the immaculate supercharged 57 Chev Coupe ran flat 10s at just under 140mph, doing some great burnouts on the way. The white Mitsubishi van ran hard all day, running 9.20 at 150mph.


The Top Fuel dragster attracted everyone's attention in the pits when it fired up and when it came out to run in the late afternoon the car somehow managed to spin 90-degrees whilst reversing back from the burnout.

Heathcote Park Raceway also has its website up and running, featuring results, pictures and information on upcoming events. You can view it at www.heathcoteraceway.com.au

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